How do you handle paperwork and documentation related to your work?

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    Sample interview questions: How do you handle paperwork and documentation related to your work?

    Sample answer:

    1. Maintain Organised Records:
    2. Utilise digital or physical filing systems to maintain organised records of all paperwork and documentation related to your work.
    3. Establish a systematic approach for categorising and storing documents, such as customer information, work orders, invoices, and warranties.

    4. Utilise Digital Tools:

    5. Embrace digital tools and software to streamline paperwork management.
    6. Consider using cloud-based platforms or applications that allow you to access and update documents from anywhere, enhance collaboration, and promote efficiency.

    7. Create Detailed Work Orders:

    8. Ensure that work orders are comprehensive and include all relevant details, such as customer information, job site address, description of the issue, and any specific instructions.
    9. Clearly outline the scope of work, including all materials, labour, and estimated costs.

    10. Document Work Performed:

    11. Keep detailed notes and records of the work performed during each job.
    12. Document any unexpected issues encountered, solutions implemented, and materials used.
    13. Include photographs or videos to provide visual evidence of the work completed.

    14. Invoice Accurately and Promptly:

    15. Generate invoices promptly after completing each job, ensuring they include accurate descriptions of the work performed, materials used, and labour charges.
    16. Clearly indicate payment terms, including due dates and accept… Read full answer


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