Replacing D2S HID Bulbs For BMW 530i

I recently bought a used 2005 BMW 530i and absolutely love it. It is the first luxury car I’ve owned. I have to admit though, that some of the upgraded features have taken some getting used to. For instance, there is the iDrive in the BMW that controls the radio, the speaker settings, the climate settings, and so much more. It took a few weeks to learn all the ends and outs of how it works. However, the iDrive isn’t the only thing that has needed some getting used to. I still haven’t adjusted to the cost of maintaining this car.

When it came time to replace my HID bulbs, I was very upset at the cost of replacing them. The BMW dealership charged me $210 per bulb to replace them. Only one of my HID bulbs had burned out at the time, but they suggested that I replace both bulbs at the same time due to color matching issues. I went ahead and replaced them both but was not thrilled at the huge bill that came my way. The $210 per bulb was parts only. This did not include the labor that I was charged to have the replacement HID bulbs installed. I was charged an additional $45 an hour for labor and they claimed it took 1 ½ hours to install them. I spent almost $500 on my headlights! I was sick to my stomach.

For weeks I was upset about this and began doing research to find out why these HID bulbs cost so much money. After reading BMW forums and blog after blog, I realized that I could have gone a much cheaper route had I purchased the replacement HID bulbs myself over the internet.

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